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YXDSP-XDS510 emulator

Official statement
The products which own independent intellectual property rights in the area of YanXu brand are developed independently by Nanjing Yanxu Electric Technology Co, Ltd. We guarantee the good quality of workmanship and the perfect technical support. Quality and after-sales service are always the symbol of our brand.
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A removable USB interface
Developed by Yanxu , Wintech TIDSP program performance, cost-effective.
Provide CCS2.2, CCS3.1, CCS3.2, CCS3.3 CCS4.12 development environment.
Comes up to 4G of video tutorials, schematics, example source code and data.
Professional service processes, excellent technical support and one year warranty and maintenance for life.
Support XP, VISTA, WIN7 operating system.
Latest CCS4.12 version are supported.

High-speed version of USB 2.0 standard interface, plug and play, the transmission speed of up to 480MB / s, backward compatible with USB1.1 Host,
The emulatorXDS510-USB 2.0.
Standard Jtag simulation interface, do not take up resources; special interface security plan, fully support the JTAG interface hot-swappable.
Support Windows98/NT/2000/XP/VISTA/WIN7 operating system;
Support the TI CCS2.X, CCS3.1 and CCS3.3 integrated development environment, support for C and assembly language,
using the TI official CCS3.0 inside
XDS510 Emulator, driver.
Simulation speed, support RTDX data exchange.
Do not take up the target system resources.
Automatically adapt to the voltage of the target board DSP.
The unique design, completely overcome the target board after power system crash; completely solve the problem of the target board power-down can not restart the CSS.
Support for multi-DSP debugging, a development system can simultaneously debug multiple DSP chips on the board.
TI's chip, just upgrade the software can be easily applied.
Installation is simple, stable, low prices.
More concerned about the design of the interface, safety and product stability, compatibility and other issues, the anti-jamming power.
Technology companies and the professional circuit, PCB board using the best materials and processes, welding using automatic placement process.
Each product has been tested and staff rigorously tested, good quality, to ensure that users can successfully use.
Detection of the target board, if the target board is not connected or power-on emulator indicator light (green) warning. (New design)
DSP chip may Simulator Debugger for TI's TMS320C2000, TMS320C3000, TMS320C5000 the whole series and TMS320C6000 some models and OMAP, the DM642, etc.

Yanxu C2000 Series Development Kit                                          
  --F28335/F2812 Series development board price list
YXDSP-F28335 core board ¥ 480
YXDSP-F28335 core board package (core board and XDS510 emulator) ¥ 780
YXDSP-F28335 utility board (core board and practical baseboard) ¥ 680
YXDSP-F28335 utility package board (core board and practical baseboard and XDS510 emulation) ¥ 980
YXDSP-F28335 supreme board (core board and supreme baseboard) ¥ 1200
YXDSP-F28335 supreme board package (the core board and supreme baseboard and XDS510 emulator) ¥ 1460
YXDSP-F2812 core board ¥ 360
YXDSP-F2812 core board package (core board and XDS510 emulator) ¥ 660
YXDSP-F2812, supreme board (core board and supreme baseboard) ¥960
YXDSP-F2812 Extreme Edition Package (core backplane board supreme XDS510 emulation) ¥ 1 230 

List of Annexes
YXDSP-XDS510 USB 2.0 emulator
Import USB link line (2.5m)
Product information on CD-ROM (including a CCS, the emulator drive, e-file instructions, DSP technology information)
Tutorial information on CD-ROM (4G),
Warranty card
A beautifully packaged box

On invoice
Because the goods of Taobao is not including tax, you need to contact the customer service if need and pay the overdue tax.
The invoice is normal and divided into common and VAT invoice.
The common invoice takes up 6% of the gross amount, and the VAT invoice takes up 15% of the gross amount (deduction limit 17%)
Please leave your billing information to pay an overdue tax point, especially for the friends need a VAT, billing information needs to be more complete.
On after-sales
The quality problem within seven days can enjoy the alteration service.
The guarantee period is twelve months. If the board break down , sellers and buyers pay the half postage. The vulnerable goods and the CPU main chip is not among guarantee (such as LCD, DSP, AD, DA chip), free maintenance but charge the device cost.
Our company carries out the lifelong maintain service, but buyers should charge all fees if the goods is not in the guarantee period.

After-sale technical service
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