Product Name :Three-phase off-grid inverter
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Three-phase off-grid inverter

     Three-phase power from the grid inverter is designed for new energy generation systems, mainly used in solar photovoltaic power plants, wind power generation power plants, the output for the three-phase four-wire alternating current, widely used in factories, power plants and other three-phase AC equipment for electricity.

【Main Features】
Mitsubishi fifth-generation high-efficiency IPM power supply module
Microchip production of high-performance DSP chip control
Closed-loop PID control algorithm to improve the dynamic response of the system output, improve the quality of the electrical energy output
AC bus and the DC bus is completely isolated to avoid interference between the AC and DC
Pure sine wave output waveform distortion rate
LED, LCD, analog table shows to choose from
Excellent input and output EMI / EMC indicators
Protection function, LCD display fault code
High efficiency inverter efficiency up to 90%
Meet the demand of power plants, substations, power supply
Low-power display state to further reduce its own loss
RMON (optional)

【Optional configure】
RS485/RS232 remote monitoring;
increase the DC output control; 

【Technical Parameters】