Product Name :Research Xu micro scenery complementary grid simulation platform solution
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Research Xu micro scenery complementary grid simulation platform solution

YX piconet wind and solar and grid simulation platform for Introduction

Wind power generation module
  Similar to the brush doubly fed wind power generation system, called the stator PWM converter connected to the generator stator PWM converter, grid-connected PWM converter called grid-connected PWM converter. Generally make up the sub-PWM converter in the rectifier state (also known as PWM rectifier), grid-connected PWM converter work in the inverter status (also known as PWM inverter). Electricity PMSG issued by the stator PWM converter convert direct current intermediate DC bus in parallel capacitors from the voltage regulator and energy storage buffer, the final conversion of grid-connected PWM converter for the grid with the frequency of the alternating current fed into the grid, the grid PWM converter and stator PWM converter in this off-structure, the same control scheme shown in Figure 1.
  Figure 1  wind power system operation control program

  PWM converter can be based on the need to work in rectifying state or inverter state, the energy can flow in both directions (doubly-fed wind power generation system is required, but the direct drive and the network does not need this feature), the stator current and the network side the size of the current and power factor are adjustable, and the whole dual PWM converter can work in the state of the four quadrants.
   In a specific run, the two PWM converters carry out their duties according to the control algorithm, its function is slightly different. Either algorithm, the stator PWM converter is generally a rotor flux oriented, control of PMSG stator current was sinusoidal waveform to achieve the speed and power factor adjustment; grid-connected PWM converter with the grid voltage vector orientation, the DC inverter for good sine wave-shaped grid and the active / reactive power decoupling. DC bus voltage can be controlled by the stator PWM converter can also be controlled by the grid-connected PWM converter to maintain the high amplitude than the grid stable value (so in order to ensure the direction of energy flow, the PWM rectifier can step-up) in order to power grid energy . If the DC bus voltage is controlled by the stator PWM converter, the grid-connected PWM converter to take on the task of the largest wind energy tracking, control of PMSG speed or speed control and current must be based on wind speed; if the DC bus voltage is controlled by the grid-connected PWM converter , the stator PWM converter is responsible for the maximum wind power tracking task is generally based on the wind speed at this time, control of PMSG speed to reach the optimum speed. The energy flow from the the PMSG flow of grid, this time the PMSG work in the normal state of power generation; in the start of the PMSG energy can flow from the grid to PMSG, quick start the PMSG work in the electric state.

Photovoltaic modules
    Solar power generation system consists of solar array, grid-connected inverter,controller, shown in Figure 2. The solar array is the main components of the solar grid system, which will receive the solar energy directly into electrical energy, engineering application of solar arrays to the grounds of a certain number of crystal silicon solar cell module in accordance with the grid change the converter input voltage requirements of series and parallel bracket.
  Grid converter will be issued by the solar cell power inverse sinusoidal current into the grid, the voltage-type converter power electronic switching devices connected inductance composition in the form of pulse width modulation to the power transmission grid. The controller is the core component of the solar power generation system by DSP chip as the core of the device structure, the controller controls the solar cell maximum power point tracking control of the converter and the grid current waveform and power, so that the transmitted power to the grid issued by the solar array maximum power energy equilibrium.

Direct drive wind power Platform control program
  YX direct drive wind power Platform by-side converter and machine-side converter composed of two parts, both through the intermediate DC link connections to form a back to back (Back-to-Back) / LCI (AC-DC-AC converter) four-quadrant operation. AC generator amplitude frequency change by the machine-side converter rectifier DC, after the DC support capacitor regulator delivered to the grid side converter, the control system via a PWM vector control technology to convert DC frequency rate the value of a stable alternating current and fed into the grid. The perfect protection function as well as advanced control technology to ensure the converter to run security, stability, and minimize the impact on power. Grid-connected wind power generation system compared directly with the motor, wind energy converter to achieve isolation between the generator set and the grid, the coupling between the speed and grid frequency problem can be solved to avoid due to power fluctuations in the stable operation of the generating units brought to the adverse effects.
<l> platform using a VVVF three-phase induction motor driven by a three-phase permanent magnet synchronous generator is running, asynchronous motor rated power 0.75KW, the synchronous generator's rated power 1kW asynchronous motor and synchronous generator installed inwith a base, using the coupling is connected to the optical absolute power encoder measuring real-time motor speed, permanent magnet synchronous generator pole number 8 pole, three-phase induction motor control inverter is used to control speed to simulate wind speed changes can be easily implemented by computer three-phase asynchronous motor speed regulation to simulate the fan output.
<2> generator-side converter and grid side converter Mitsubishi IPM modules to build the IPM module withstand voltage of 1200V, current about 25A. The capacitance of the DC bus link for 450V electrolytic capacitor.
<3> network side of the three-phase transformer rated capacity of 500VA, the ratio 380/72 junior secondary star connection.
<4> generator-side converter and grid side converter uses the TI floating point DSP control, the use of two sets YX-TMS320F28335,, DSP control board.
<5> in this experimental system using incremental optical encoder acquisition generator rotor position and velocity, optical encoder installed in the generator back-end output shaft; Hall voltage and current sensors to collect the generator side, the DC side and the grid side voltage and current signals, the sensor range is based on system capacity to choose to install.
<6> two YX-XDS510 emulator to complete the debugging of the control algorithm.

3 Grid-connected PV platform control program
    The YX grid-connected PV platform using the photocell output of the PWM inverter DC inverter for three-phase AC three-phase transformer-isolated boost grid, the inverter maximum power point tracking control and grid current control photocell. Solar grid system by the solar array, grid-connected inverter, shown in Figure 2.

                Figure 2  PV power system operation control program

<1> platform with more than two-crystalline solar modules in series as a grid-connected inverter input components maximum power of 135W, the open circuit voltage of 24v
<2> and grid-connected inverter use Mitsubishi IPM, the current 50A, withstand voltage 600V, bus use 100V electrolytic capacitor
<3> network side of the grid-boost three-phase transformer rated capacity of 500VA, ratio 380/30, the junior secondary star connection way.
<4> grid-connected inverter using TI's floating-point DSP to control the use of a set of YX-TMS320F28335, the DSP control board.
<5> YX-XDS510 emulator to complete the debugging of the control algorithm.
The YX micro wind and solar power generation simulation platform block diagram
Figure 3  YX micro wind and solar power generation simulation platform structure
Figure 5 in-kind renderings

The YX micro wind and solar power generation simulation platform configuration and accessories (see table)