Product Name :Online testing system of the motor state
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Online testing system of the motor state

State of repair vs scheduled maintenance
Repair mechanism of state or repair mechanisms exist in name only, it will lead broken equipment failure, in addition to the irreparable damage to the device, it also leads to power equipment failure, resulting in the production plans disrupted, delayed normal production, production line, and product obsolescence. The more serious may cause a major accident.
Regular overhaul and scheduled maintenance will be able to exclude some risks, but there is timely maintenance on well-functioning equipment. It is not only a waste of their production capacity because of improper maintenance and demolition to speed up the device folded, but also brought some instability factors after the overhaul. It can’t receive adequate maintenance on some hidden maintenance equipment and exclude hidden and curb the development of the fault trend, and finally led to the same problem.
State of maintenance, and reasonable mechanism and effective detection technique to master the device status, according to the status of the device to predict maintenance, well-functioning equipment can be able to avoid excessive maintenance, hidden equipment maintenance in a timely manner. According to production arrangements, custom maintenance plan can extend equipment life, reduce unexpected accident rates, thus ensuring the normal production.
Option II, real-time online status monitoring system of electrical equipment
Yanxu electrical equipment real-time online condition monitoring system is the safe operation for your electrical power equipment. Yanxu online condition monitoring system, through the field layer of electrical quantities, mechanical flow, temperature and other real-time critical acquisition, through real-time signal processing unit (DSP) computing, processing, and through the communication layer (Industrial Ethernet bus ), you can upgrade to a wireless network and upload the data to back-office services center, back-office services center based on historical data, empirical data and statistical laws, timely diagnosis of the motor status and forecasting the state of the motor trend, allowing the user to effectively control the electrical equipment running state of reasonable maintenance recommendations provide the basis for decision making to provide users with predictable maintenance. Yanxu motor failure condition monitoring system can effectively detect bearing lubrication class failure and bearing wear class failure, failure of the shaft damage class system unbalanced class failure, failure of the system not in class, a fixed basis is not strong class failure, gear cabinets failure rotor, bearings, abnormal temperature rise class failure, abnormal harmonic class failures, broken rotor bars, the failure of the dynamic air-gap class. Welcome new and old customers and agents consult us.