Product Name :Electric torsional vibration bench
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Electric torsional vibration bench

Electric torsional vibration bench: a three-phase AC induction motor (does not require special complex or importing expensive dedicated torsional vibration motor) and an ordinary inverter is coupled with the twist induced vibration control of electrical cabinets. The mechanical structure is the most simple one. Motor was driven by a drive shaft device under testing (such as shock absorbers, etc.). The torsional vibration excitation was controlled by a rotation of the electrical cabinet handle to adjust the volume from scratch. It can be very flexible. It is the pioneer only with a motor drive, speed control, incentive function at home and abroad. It is low cost, easy production, low vibration, low noise, good control, and consumption small. This experiment can be used as:
A variety of torsional vibration, sensors, test, calibration equipment.
A variety of shock absorber, coupling parameters, performance test equipment.
Torsional vibration of shafting on the life span of laboratory equipment for a variety of devices, which can save the engine to do the test when the number of tons of fuel consumption.
A variety of torsional vibration control methods and theoretical research and development equipment.
This test can be used as a teaching demonstration of the principle of torsional vibration equipment.
Successful use of the test rig has 11 units.