Product Name :YXMF3000 system topology
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YXMF3000 system topology

Yanxu electrical equipment real-time online condition monitoring system is the safe operation for your electrical power equipment. Yanxu online condition monitoring system, YXMF3000 through the field layer of electrical quantities, mechanical flow, temperature and other real-time critical acquisition, through real-time signal processing unit (DSP) computing, processing, and through the communication layer (Industrial Ethernet bus ), you can upgrade to a wireless network and upload the data to back-office services center, back-office services center based on historical data, empirical data and statistical laws, timely diagnosis of the motor status and forecasting the state of the motor trend, allowing the user to effectively control the electrical equipment running state of reasonable maintenance recommendations provide the basis for decision making to provide users with predictable maintenance. Yanxu motor failure condition monitoring system can effectively detect bearing lubrication class failure and bearing wear class failure, failure of the shaft damage class system unbalanced class failure, failure of the system not in class, a fixed basis is not strong class failure, gear cabinets failure rotor, bearings, abnormal temperature rise class failure, abnormal harmonic class failures, broken rotor bars, the failure of the dynamic air-gap class. Welcome new and old customers and agents consult us.

YXMF3000 System Profile

The main function of the system software

Acquisition and analysis of electrical quantities
1, the acquisition single-phase or three-phase current and voltage signals
2, voltage, current, time-domain waveform
3 broken bars the spectrogram run motor broken bars diagnostic
4, and run the motor bearing vibration fuzzy judgment
5, the eccentricity of the eccentric the spectrogram run motor diagnosis
6, an important indicator of the harmonic list of power quality, motor mechanical vibration of the fuzzy judgment.
7, the negative sequence impedance contrast can be diagnostic of the situation in the motor unit turns.

Acquisition and analysis of the mechanical quantity
1, collecting motor vibration signals, real-time vibration waveform, the vibration spectrum display.
2 to determine the mechanical rotor class failure: the basis of loose, unbalance, misalignment, shaft bending, shaft crack, resonance, surge, oil whirl, oil film vibration Swing, rotating stall, the rotor and the static friction, the rotor interference with parts earned less, sealing and gap dynamic instability
3. To determine the class bearing fault: bearing wear and bearing pitting, bearing short of oil
Other amount acquisition and analysis: temperature, humidity, etc..
Alarm settings
Set the alarm when the motor state of exception, the exception information to send to the settings on the phone.

Communication functions
1, the device offers a variety of means of communication
2, real-time detection of real-time transmission of data or timing extraction records via Ethernet, and distant communication via RS232/RS485 mode.

Statistical functions
Device to detect indicators of the main functions of online statistical functionsRecord storage settings
1. Indicators in real time save.
2, settings are saved
3, real-time to save the abnormal data
4, when a device data storage capacity is full
5, will be updated in accordance with the principle of "first in, first out"
Hardware characteristics
The MF3000 motor line detection device is a company developed with independent intellectual property rights of a new generation of embedded hardware platforms, the product has the following characteristics.
Non-invasive fault diagnosis system, the detection process, did not affect the motor running, the detection means is quite convenient and easy to operate.
Covering the motor and mechanical fault diagnosis system, the only way to simultaneously diagnostic systems for electrical and mechanical testing.
Independent intellectual property rights, to break the technological monopoly of foreign trade.
Humane Chinese operation interface to reach a real human-computer interaction.
International advanced real-time embedded Linux operating system platform, all software using a high-level language programming, to ensure high system reliability and high portability.
Product Specifications
Basic technical parameters
Input channel: 24 channels
Sampling method: automatic sampling
Sampling frequency: 1 ~ 20KHZ
Sampling precision: 16bit
Dynamic range: 85dB
Data Communications: Ethernet interface, USB, TCP / IP protocol
Duty: Continuous work
Operating voltage: input AC220V DC220V
Sampling points: 8K
Acquisition mode: continuous sampling