Product Name :Torsional vibration test analysis of third-party service
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Torsional vibration test analysis of third-party service

Companies’ outsourcing services, customers will be all or part of the work contracted out to professional company to complete the service model. Clients will integrate the use of its specialized external resources to achieve lower costs, improve efficiency and give full play to their core competitiveness and enhance the resilience of a customer's external environment management model. This has become a rapid growing industry, and continued rapid growth. 
According to Corbett Group survey on a very large enterprises of more than 200 global decision-makers on the outsourcing market, outsourcing has become a strategic means for an enterprise to improve the core competitiveness, reduce operating costs, the consolidation of market share. 78% of respondents believed that outsourcing has become an important means of business management. 92% of respondents reflected that their business was developing to the outsourcing. 60% of respondents were satisfied with the
implementation of outsourcing fruitful, and the most important aspect is the reduction in operating costs. 
Market competition, focus on their core business becomes one of the most important rules of survival. Therefore, outsourcing services becomes more and more important to take  measures to effectively reduce costs, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Our company are engaged in outsourcing services to detect and corporate motor-related services. It can help enterprises to realize the predictive testing of the motor state, enable customers to reduce operating costs, save maintenance costs and improve efficiency. 

Testing outsourcing services 
Detect objects: enterprise high and low voltage motor 
Detection range: motor and electrical testing, mechanical vibration detection, infrared thermal imaging inspection 
Testing program database systems: each motor model parameters, the date of manufacture, operation time, the fault condition The test report: each motor test results, test the proposed maintenance program is proposed: 
Development of equipment and maintenance overhaul program based on actual operating conditions of motor testing 

Specific test items 
Single-phase steady-state test 
Single-phase starting test 
Three-phase current steady-state test 
Single direction of vibration test 
XY the two sides to the vibration test 
Infrared thermal imaging test